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Is WooCommerce Right for Your Business?
In the sea of WordPress plugins, WooCommerce by WooThemes just looks like another free WordPress plugin. However, you would be extremely hard-pressed to find a similar plugin which holds the same level of potential for merchants.

Launched in late September 2011, WooCommerce now supports a large percentage of the ever-growing e-commerce industry, boasting over 1.6 million downloads from across the globe. WooCommerce is designed for the small to mid-sized online merchants using WordPress. The plugin became famous for its simplicity to install and customization (not to mention being free as well).

In this WooCommerce review, we’ll look at this powerful online store platform’s best features, its benefits for online merchants, and its overall performance. Here are five of the notable advantages of using WooCommerce as an e-commerce platform.


  1. Ease of use. WooCommerce is a user-friendly platform that is very simple to get started. If you have experience with WordPress, installing the WooCommerce plugin will be a piece of cake. Past and present users of the WordPress platform will benefit from being able to recognize the user-friendly WordPress interface. Users without WordPress experience can also implement the app with ease, as the necessary steps are clear and well laid out.
  2. Customization. WooCommerce is a flexible platform – from the front-end user experience and design to the back-end administrative tools, you will have control of the look and feel of your store. WooCommerce uses PHP, which is a common skillset among developers.
  3. Content. Content is still king in 2015. Since WordPress made its name through its amazing blogging capabilities, development with WooCommerce sets businesses up with robust content publishing tools at their disposal, since there is no need for an added CMS integration.
  4. Server Requirements. Since WooCommerce is an extension of WordPress, there are very few server requirements. If your server supports MySQL or PHP, there shouldn’t be any issue.
  5. Extensions. There are many free extensions available to users of this platform, as well as paid options. Install extensions to add a range of features, from making your site multilingual to creating custom product tabs.

While WooCommerce has some very attractive features, there are many e-commerce platforms available that are much more powerful than WooCommerce. Magento, an enterprise solution used by leading companies has more features and offers greater versatility. Most WooCommerce users will need to buy several plugins, which are priced from $49 all the way up to $199, in order to use the platform to its full potential. However, compared with several other e-commerce platforms that are subscription-based or take a portion of store revenue, the cost of WooCommerce extensions are minimal. WooCommerce has limited API extensions, default features, and documentation (it was first released in 2011) as well.

WooCommerce seems to be the perfect platform for small to medium or new businesses and for those already familiar with the WordPress CMS. The e-commerce platform is very user friendly and operates with the same style as WordPress, but it does lack some features and functionalities that may be beneficial for enterprise e-commerce sites.

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