Why Magento is Ideal for E-Commerce

Posted by | June 24 | Magento

Finding the right platform to power your E-Commerce website is a crucial step to establishing a strong web presence.  Scalability, security and extensibility are some of the key factors that businesses look for while setting up their online store.

In the following infographic, we explore how Magento currently dominates the e-commerce platform field, and why it is an immediate choice for many businesses. Both the free and enterprise editions of the platform have a lot to offer in terms of technical support, flexibility and security. The infographic also highlights key features of the Enterprise edition.  The Enterprise edition comes with a host of features that give store owners the means to manage their store efficiently; from an interactive drag-and-drop interface to informative support and analytic tools, store owners can manage and monitor every aspect of their website.

Magento E-Commerce Infographic

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