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Posted by | January 14 | Web Design, WordPress

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Forix is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Pacific Yurts website. Forix developed key features for the new website, including 360 Virtual Tours, a 3D Yurt Builder, and a streamlined browsing experience for visitors.

Pacific Yurts is the premier yurt merchant in the Pacific Northwest. In 1978, Pacific Yurts became the first to manufacture yurts using architectural fabrics and structural engineering, paving the way for yurts to become popular attractions at ski resorts and campgrounds. In 1993, Oregon became the first state to incorporate yurts into its Parks Department as year round camping facilities. Since then, at least 17 other US States have introduced yurt camping into their own parks departments. Pacific Yurts has been at the forefront of the yurt industry, and as part of the redesign of the website, became the first yurt company to have an online yurt builder for customers. Pacific Yurts allows consumers to design, price & build a custom yurt for personal, business or government use in several sizes.

Pacific Yurts needed a more interactive way to educate visitors on yurts features. To better visualize different yurt floor plans and attributes, Forix developed a 3D Yurt Builder. With the yurt builder, visitors can create a yurt to their exact specifications and see exactly how it would look set up. In addition to the Yurt Builder, Forix also developed 360 Virtual Tours.

Since launch, the site has seen increased user engagement, with a 35% increase in pageviews and time spent on the website.

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