• Blending Web Design and Typography to Maximize Usability

    Posted by | March 09 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, E-Commerce Websites, Web Design

    Word processors, WYSIWYG web design programs and desktop publishing systems offer a tremendous value in terms of font selection and default styles. Want a major heading followed by a subhead? Within most programs, all you have to do is select “Heading1” for the first line and then “Heading2” for the second. But while those tools […]

  • Website Usability Tips and Checklist

    Posted by | March 02 | Web Design

    Web developers currently spend a lot of energy on search engine optimization, but that’s only half the battle. Once you get visitors to your site, you need to keep them there—and convince them to take action. That is the role of website usability. A website needs to be above all, attractive, well-written, and easy to […]

  • Website for Clothing Companies: Knowing the Basics

    Posted by | February 23 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, E-Commerce Websites, Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Social Media, Web Design

    The internet is the biggest marketplace the world has ever seen and there is nothing that cannot be bought or sold on the web. Of course, it is more appropriate for some businesses than for others. If you have a house for sale, you can create interest in it on the web, but closing the […]

  • What are Domains and Hosting?

    Posted by | February 16 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Web Design

    The world of the internet is a confusing place with lots of technical terminology and jargon being used. Domains and hosting are two of the terms you will come across most frequently and because they are so closely intertwined, a lot of confusion often occurs. They are co-dependent but also completely different issues.

  • The Best Ways to Add Fans to Facebook, Twitter and Ultimately Your Website

    Posted by | February 09 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Social Media

      Social media marketing is now an integral part of business promotion. Search Engine Optimization is no longer enough to drive traffic to a website. Social media channels offer an excellent way to create interest and increase the hits your site gets. But first of all you need to get fans to follow you on […]

  • Guide to Mobile Website Design

    Posted by | February 02 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, E-Commerce Websites, Web Design

    The popularity of smartphones and the ease with which mobile applications can be developed have contributed to a glut of mobile development, mobile apps, and specialized websites that have been optimized for the mobile platform. Any company doing a serious amount of business needs to create a mobile version of its website to capture the […]

  • Best Practices for an E-Commerce Website Design

    Posted by | January 26 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, E-Commerce Websites, Web Design

    When creating an E-Commerce website, your goal is to attract visitors, but it doesn’t stop there. Once you get them to your site, your mission is to get them to take action, make a purchase, and then provide their credit card information and submit the order. Each of these tasks takes work to accomplish and […]

  • Incorporating Social Media into Web Design

    Posted by | January 07 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Social Media, Web Design

    Having a great website is not enough to promote your business. The important factor is how much traffic your website gets – that will determine the size of your potential market. Multiple landing pages, blogs and link exchanges have for a long time been the accepted ways of promoting a web presence and making sites […]

  • How to Use Twitter for Business Purposes

    Posted by | December 23 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Social Media

    Social media is the biggest thing to happen to business since TV commercials. But unlike advertising, it connects a business directly with its customers, and allows for market feedback. Twitter is among the most popular of the social media channels currently available with 145 million users and counting.

  • Why Do I Need a Facebook Fan Page for My Business?

    Posted by | December 01 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Social Media

    Social media marketing is the hottest thing in business today. And there is no better place to do it than on Facebook. Nowhere else will a business get the kind of exposure that Facebook has the potential to provide.

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