• Coastal Classic Creations – Website Launch

    Coastal Classic Creations – Website Launch

    Posted by | January 16 | E-Commerce Websites, Web Design |

    Do you want natural, healthy cosmetics? Of course you do! Coastal Classic Creations offers organic cosmetics and soaps with the goal of providing consumers quality products. To support their brand mission, Coastal Classic Creations provides complete ingredient transparency, so customers can be educated on exactly how every product is created. Visit their ingredients list to […]

  • New Site Launch: OrganicMe

    Posted by | January 15 | Web Design

    We’re thrilled to announce the launch of OrganicMe’s new website. OrganicMe is a company that specializes in making delicious and functional organic beverages which help you cut out the processed, unhealthy alternatives. Whether you’re looking to energize yourself in the mornings or calm down after a stressful day at the office, they have a product […]

  • How To Make Your Informational Website More Exciting

    Posted by | January 06 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Web Design

    When it comes to informational websites, the word “exciting” may not be the first that comes to mind. However, there are many ways that you can liven up your informational website and make it more exciting for visitors. With these four tips, you can ensure that your informational website captures the attention of potential customers.

  • EasyBiz Takes the #1 Spot for Apple Best New Business Apps

    Posted by | December 21 | iPhone App Development, Mobile App Development

    Thanks to EasyBiz, messy excel sheets and pen-and-paper logging methods are a thing of the past! EasyBiz makes tracking driving expenses a simple task for business travelers. With a push of a button, you can start and end your trips, record your mileage, and create easy-to-read data reports for filing. Traveling may be a hassle, […]

  • How To Create An Effective Landing Page

    Posted by | December 20 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Web Design

    Landing pages are an essential piece of your website. A landing page can make or break a customer’s decision to continue browsing or navigate away. More importantly, an effective landing page can generate good, organic SEO and place you higher in searches. To create an effective landing page that leads to conversions, here are a […]

  • How Blogging Can Help Your Website

    Posted by | November 18 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Social Media, Web Design

    Does your website have a blog? If not, you are missing out on the major SEO benefits of blogging. Blogging helps your website in many ways, from providing fresh content to adding to your internal linking. Read on to learn the top five benefits of blogging for your website.

  • New Trends in Web Design: Flat Color

    Posted by | November 11 | Web Design

    If you have a Windows 8 phone or the new iOS operating system, you’re seeing this new trend in web design every time you use your mobile device: flat color. Flat color, a move away from the previous trend of gradients, drop shadows, and 3D style graphic design, is a simplified way of designing your […]

  • New Site Launch: Kruxa

    New Site Launch: Kruxa

    Posted by | November 05 | Digital Marketing & Strategy, Web Design

    Kruxa offers a creative and unique new way to enjoy cross word puzzles! Now you can build your own personalized, newspaper style crossword puzzles for you or your loved ones. Great for online fun, gifts for those crossword addicts, party invites and so much more!

  • Why Your Website Needs Responsive Design

    Posted by | October 31 | Web Design

    As the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets continues to rapidly increase, it has become imperative for web designers to focus on creating sites that are adaptable to multiple devices and screen sizes. With responsive web design, you will not only increase user-friendliness, but you will also reap the many other benefits […]

  • New Site Launch – Alma Midwifery!

    Posted by | October 25 | Web Design

    Alma Midwifery is a Portland-based company that works very hard to alleviate some of the stress associated with one of the most important processes a family can go through – pregnancy. They believe that giving birth is a “natural and physiologic process.” They offer a wide range of services; from help with everything involved with […]

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