Integrating your ERP with Magento

Fall in Love with Your ERP All over Again

Do you have lots of software for different processes? Is it hard for you to find out which products are making you money or which ones are selling out? Does accounting take forever and is IT a nightmare?

When you’re dealing with the nervous system of your company, it is important to have a successful Magento ERP integration. If your team works around what your ERP isn’t doing for your company, it may be time to realign your Enterprise Resource Planning.

Integrating business systems is no easy task, especially with a Magento ERP integration. Forix understands how that your ERP integration ties into your CRM, physical locations, distribution, and all other channels. Forix Consultants evaluate your specific situation to recommend the best course of action whether through connectors, APIs, or extensions. Forix will align your business systems to create a more harmonious ecosystem for your company.

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