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Congratulations you’ve made it this far, but now you’ve hit your limits on what your cart can do. It’s OK. It happens to every successful business. With Magento, you get the cart that scales with your organization and keeps pace with your insane growth curve. As opposed to many SaaS solutions, the flexibility of a Magento platform is highly adaptable to different payment providers, storefronts, promotions, shipping customizations, POS integrations and so much more. Whatever it doesn’t do can be supplemented with an infinite extension library or custom built.

As with any rigorous endeavor, you need the right team to get you to the mountain top. Migrating to a Magento platform can be overwhelming and downright scary if trusted to a freelancer, or firm who has never navigated these waters before. Forix is a Magento Certified Solution Partner, with a team of over 13 Certified Plus developers, experienced with both enterprise and community-class implementations.

Why is this important? Because your migration to Magento is too important to trust to just anybody.

Forix makes the transition possible through comprehensive analysis of your existing cart, and covers everything from optimal product imports to 301 redirect mapping to minimize disruptions in your organic SEO. Our extensive planning, wireframing and design processes complete the package. Get ready to own an insatiable selling machine that you can be proud of.

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